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Creating new music through collaboration


Supported by a strong community of composers and performers, Fresh Squeezed Opera (FSO) strives to present genre-pushing new works of the highest caliber that explore the depths of operatic music. We believe there is a role for opera in contemporary society, and we present operas that current audiences and New York communities connect and engage with.Founded in 2013, Fresh Squeezed Opera dedicates itself to providing composers with a platform to present their new music, specifically focusing on vocal works and fully-staged opera. In our four years of operation, we’ve proudly presented over 25 composers’ works, with consistently sold-out houses as a testament to the power of new music.


“The opportunity to perform new music with this organized, visionary, and collegial artistic team always leaves me feeling musically fulfilled. I relish the chance to work hand in hand with composers on their own work, and Fresh Squeezed Opera provides a safe and creative platform for this venture. In my experience with New York City opera companies, my experiences with FSO stand apart as being highly efficient, musically challenging, inspiring, and completely unique.” Devony Smith


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Image Credit: Jill Steinberg
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Image Credit: Stephen Pisano
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Image Credit: Johnny Call
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