Supported by a strong community of composers and performers, FSO presents genre-pushing new works of the highest caliber that explore the depths of operatic music. We believe that collaboration across disciplines, fields, and media pushes the genre of opera forward. FSO connects singers and composers, and gives them the resources to collaboratively create new work and grow professionally. There is a role for opera in contemporary society, and we present operas that current audiences and New York communities can connect and engage with.




Founded in 2013, Fresh Squeezed Opera dedicates itself to providing composers with a platform to present their new music, specifically focusing on vocal works and fully-staged opera. In our five years of operation, we’ve proudly presented over 35 composers’ works, with consistently sold-out houses as a testament to the power of new music. Fully staged operatic productions include Bound (Huang Ruo)†, Knot An Opera! (Constantin Basica)†, Here be Sirens (Kate Soper), Scopes (Spencer Snyder)*, Prix Fixe (Kevin Wilt)†, The Yellow Wallpaper (Whitney George)*, Baby Shower (Bruce Trinkley)†, and La Zombiata (Jillian Flexner)*. Forthcoming fully-staged performances include Self Defined Circuits (Jillian Flexner)* and Fitz & Ginger (Whitney George & Bea Goodwin)*.


(* Indicates World Premiere; Indicates New York Premiere)








Jason Bahr

Constantin Basica

Alex Burtzos

Kaley Lane Eaton*

Jillian Flexner*

Rachel DeVore Fogarty

Whitney George*

Gabrielle Herbst*

Dorthy Hindman

Denise Mei Hoffman

Brian Holmes

Wang Jie

Paul Kopetz

Sunny Knable

Veronika Krausas

Robert McClure

Marcus Maroney

David Morneau

Nicole Murphy

Emma O'Halloran

Gemma Peacocke*

Monica Pearce

Paola Prestini

Huang Ruo

Aleks Savitski

Julia Seeholzer

Kate Soper

Spencer Snyder*

Devony Smith*

Greg A Steinke

Ingrid Stolzel

Nicola Straffelini

Bruce Trinkley

Dale Trumbore

Andrew Watts

Alex Weiser

Philip Wharton

Kevin Wilt

Nina Young

Victoria Benson

soprano, stage director, property manager, amateur sommelier

Lee Braun

General Manager

oboist, store manager, professional cat wrangler

Whitney George

conductor, composer, photographer, vintage chotchkie collector

Claire Myers McCormick

soprano, resident siren 

Alex Wen

conductor, violinist, violist,
tech guru

Jillian Flexner


composer, bassoonist, producer, fundraiser, certifiable goofball

Jane Hoffman

soprano, arts administrator, residency manager, new music expounder

Kristina Malinauskaite

soprano, arts administrator, chronically on-time

Maggie Rascoe

soprano, stage director, fundraiser, karaoke addict