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Fresh Squeezed Opera 2019-20 year is a season of music that carefully examines the systems that are the most delicate today: the global environment, America’s justice system, gender and self identity, and love and partnership. 

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November 5, 2019

National Opera Center, NYC

Featuring works by Sunny Knable and Julia Seeholzer, and the world premiere of an FSO commission from Kaley Lane Eaton​.

An intimate evening of new vocal chamber music


Self Defined Circuits

June 4-6, 2020

The Flea Theater, NYC

World Premiere

Music by Jillian Flexner

Words by Orlando Segarra

Newly created, a sex robot, tries to find out what it means to be a woman while trapped in a world created by her programmer, Pete, and his "Siri" device, Cora. Inspired in part by the “Me Too” movement, the composer's own experiences in an abusive relationship during her formative years, and the works of Sci-Fi pioneers Isaac Asimov and Ursula Le Guin, this opera explores the idea of "womanhood" through the lens of someone new to the world, and desperate to find where she fits.


Electronic Voices

February 29, 2020

Bloomingdale School of Music, NYC

A co-presentation with the Bloomindale Music School, Jillian Flexner and vocalist Amber Evans explore the marriage of electronics and voice, featuring works by Gemma Peacocke, Emma O'Halloran, Paola Prestini, and Kate Soper.