Electric Voices

February 28, 2020

Bloomingdale School of Music

Featuring Amber Evans and Jillian Flexner performing works for voice and electronics by Kate Soper, Paola Prestini, Emma O'Halloran, and Gemma Peackce

2019 Showcase

November 5, 2019

National Opera Center

Featuring the world premiere of Kaley Lane Eaton's Psychographics (a FSO commission), the NY Premiere of Julia Seeholzer's Portraits of Disquiet, and Sunny Knable's Song of the Redwood-Tree.


May 22, 2019

CUNY Grad Center

Fortunato, the unfinished comic opera by the renowned Miriam Gideon and fully realized by Whitney George, makes its world premiere in a co-presentation of the Fresh Squeezed Opera Company and the Curiosity Cabinet.

Set in 20th century Madrid, Fortunato traces the journey of the desperately poor and down-on-his luck title character, Fortunato. He has been without work for four years and, with a family to feed, has taken to begging for the generosity of others to support him in this unfortunate time. Unlike some of his peers, Fortunato is unwilling to sacrifice his morals for this support, and in the three scenes of the opera, we see Fortunato try, and ultimately fail, to earn the money he so desperately needs for his family.


April 13- 18, 2019

Baruch Performing Arts Center

The NY Premiere of Bound, an opera by Huang Ruo and Bao-Long Chu in a new production by Ashley Tata. A co-production with the Baruch Performing Arts Center. Starring Fang Tao Jiang, Guang Yang, Dan Klein, and Andrew Wannigman, with Alex Wen as Music Director.

The Female Gaze

February 1, 2019

Roulette Intermedium

Featuring three world premieres of commissions from Whitney George, Gabrielle Herbst, and Gemma Peacocke

2018 Showcase

November 29, 2018

The Bloomingdale School of Music

​Featuring the works of:


Dorothy Hindman, Veronika Krausas, Robert McClure, Eric Moe

and the world premiere of the first FSO singer/composer collaboration by Devony Smith and Spencer Snyder

Knot An Opera!

June 28-30, 2018

Baruch Performing Arts Center

Music & Book by Constantin Basica

OPERA? OPERA WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? IS THIS OPERA? — [*This opera*] This work [*knots*]  binds operatic practices with elements from old and new media (e.g., TV, YouTube) into a chain of [*preposterous*] ludicrous [*events*] episodes. Disparate pieces [*with*] of text—original or [*appropriated*] quoted—generate [*symbols*] characters and situations on the border between the mundane and the absurd. #PostOpera #KnowYourMeme #FunnyCats


Joanie Brittingham, "Coloratura Soprano"

Sarah Dutcher, "Performer"

Andy Dwan, "Baritone"

Francesca Federico, "Lyric Soprano"

Cara Search, "Mezzo Soprano"


Michael Hofmann, Stage Director

Whitney George, Music Director

Lee Braun, Stage Manager

Jenn Burkhardt, Lighting Designer

Michael Minahan, Set Designer

Corina Louise Chase, Costume Designer

Matthew Wasser, Projection Designer

Here Be Sirens

January 28, 2018

National Sawdust

Music and Book by Kate Soper


Mythological sirens roost deep in our collective conscious, ancient forerunners to the femme fatale. In Here Be Sirens; join these singing ciphers as they investigate their own origins, seeking–through the twists & turns of literature & philosophy–a way off the island for good.

Victoria Benson, soprano, “Polyxo”
Claire Myers McCormick, soprano, “Peitho”       

Devony Smith, soprano, “Phaino”
Amber Treadway, director
Liene Dobraja, costume design
Matthew Wasser, projection design

2017 Showcase

November 2, 2017

The Cell Theatre

Featuring the works of:


Marcus Maroney, Monica Pearce, Paola Prestini, Greg Steinke, and Ingrid Stolzel

Prix Fixe

June 15-18, 2017

IATI Theater

Composed by Kevin Wilt

Libretto by Caitlin Vincent

This darkly comic monodrama follows aging socialite Rebecca Manchester as

she reflects on her life and love of opera. Over the course of an extravagant

prix-fixe dinner, however, it becomes clear that Rebecca is much more than a

simple enthusiast. Featuring a score by Kevin Wilt and a libretto by Caitlin

Vincent, Prix Fixe offers a tongue-in-cheek view of one woman’s

determination to become a diva, no matter the cost.


Director, Maggie Rascoe

Conductor, David Leibowitz


Rebecca Manchester,  Chelsea Bonagura & Barbara Porto

Mr. Butler, Lee Braun


Flute, Lish Lindsey

Violin, Deborah Nixon

Cello, Maureen Kelly

Piano, Sarah A. Dutcher


June 15-18, 2017

IATI Theater

Composed by Spencer Snyder

Libretto by George Gaffney


In 1925 a school teacher named John Scopes was sued by the state of

Tennessee for the crime of teaching evolution. The trial drew intense national

publicity, as national reporters flocked to Dayton to cover the big-name

lawyers who had agreed to represent each side. William Jennings Bryan,

three-time presidential candidate, argued for the prosecution, while Clarence

Darrow, the famed defense attorney, spoke for Scopes. Witness a

reimagining of this epic showdown.


Director, Victoria Benson

Conductor, Dean Buck


William Jennings Bryan, Joshua Miller

Clarence Darrow, Sean Patrick Jernigan

Judge T. Raulston, Daniel Klein

H. L. Menken, Melanie Leinbach


Flute, Lish Lindsey

Clarinet, Jarrett Hoffman

Violin, Deborah Nixon

Cello, Maureen Kelly

Piano, Sarah A. Dutcher


Concert of Nano Operas by Women Composers

March 3, 2017

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center


The Kamikaze Mind, by Nicole Murphy (North American Premiere)


Selections from Here be Sirens, by Kate Soper

a e i

January 12, 2017

ISSUE Project Room

Composed and directed by Yasuno Miyauchi


An experimental voice ensemble performance composed by Japanese composer Yasuno Miyauchi. Her work explores the expressive potential of collective singingwith the ultimate goal of binding female bodies and their voices to a site of radical perceptual experience. 


Featuring: Charmaine Lee, Muyassar Kurdi, Tatyana Kalko, XiaoChuan Xie, Yoko Murakami, Yasuno Miyauchi
Costume design : Yoko Murakami
Supported by, Fresh Squeezed Opera Company
Special thanks to, Asian Cultural Council

The Yellow Wallpaper

June 10-11, 2016

DiMenna Center, Benzaquen Hall

Composed by Whitney George


Whitney George’s hauntingly beautiful interpretation of

Charlotte Gilman Perkins’ The Yellow Wallpaper lends itself to a unique

multi-disciplinary experience.



Denise Crawfort, Victoria

Ryan Hill, John

Whitney George, Conductor

Victoria Benson, Director

The Curiosity Cabinet

2015 Showcase of New Songs and Arias

December 5, 2015

National Opera Center

Featuring the works of


Alex Burtzos, Eric Delgado, Jillian Flexner, Rachel DeVore Fogarty, Denise Mei Yan Hofmann, Brian Holmes, Marcus Maroney, Dale Trumbore, Alex Weiser




Baby Shower

June 18, 20, 22, 2015

4th Street Theater

Composed by Bruce Trinkley


“Baby Shower depicts a contemporary American celebration with some very recognizable family members and friends, an inspiring lyrical ending to this comic romp through the incivilities in human relationships.



Victoria Benson, Tracy

Denise Crawfort, Avery

Erika Hennings, Patty

Jane Hoffman, Florence

Claire Myers, Sallie Mae

Barbara Porto, Rose

Devony Smith, Vicky

Kimberly States, Agnes

Maayan Voss de Bettancourt, Nancy

Heather Denny, Cover

Sidney Dixon, Cover

Kristina Malinauskaite, Cover

Rachel Selan, Cover

Aaron Blankfield, Coach

Whitney George, Conductor

Maggie Rascoe, Director

2014 Showcase of New Songs and Arias

November 15, 2014

National Opera Center

Featuring works by: 

Jason Bahr, Philip Wharton, Andrew Watts, Aleks Savitski, David Morneau, Whitney George, Paul KopetzWang Jie , Nina Young

La Zombiata

July 26, 27, 2014

Baruch Performing Arts Center

Composed by Jillian Flexner


La Zombiata, a new opera by Jillian Flexner, is a parody of works opera-goers hold most dear to their hearts – particularly those works of Verdi and Mozart. But, rather than making a mess of masterpieces, La Zombiata emerges as a comedic ode to the old and a noble salute to the new...and throws in a few zombies. La Zombiata is being preformed July 26 at 7:00pm and 27 at 3:00pm at the Bernie West Theater at the Baruch Performing Arts Center, 23rd and Lexington.


Kristina Malinauskaite, Philonia

Maggie Rascoe, Xenobia

Aaron Blankfield, Christolpho

Nora Maynard, S.Chorus 1 / Philonia Cover

Victoria Benson, S.Chorus 2 / Xenobia Cover

Leslie Tay, T.Chorus / Christolpho Cover

Whitney George, Conductor
Maggie Rascoe, Director

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