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June 18, 20, 21, 2015 

4th Street Theater

By Bruce Trinkley


NEW YORK PREMIERE. Baby Shower depicts a contemporary American celebration with some very recognizable family members and friends, an inspiring lyrical ending to this comic romp through the incivilities in human relationships.

Tracy McIntyre, and type-A 25 year is throwing a surprise Baby Shower for her cousin, Rose Cauley,, who is 8 months pregnant. Tracy has enlisted the help of her 19 year old sister Vicky as well as VIcky's Sigma Gamma Pi sorority sister, Avery Simmons. Avery happens to be Vicky's maid of honor, and she is responsible for throwing Vicky's stagette party tomorrow. Avery suddenly remembers she has forgotten the cake, and rushes off to pick it up. Tracy reveals to Vicky that she has brought their great-grandmother Nona from the nursing home, and she asks Vicky to wait with her in the bedroom until Rose arrives. Unexpectedly, Agnes McIntyre, the church choir director and local music teacher arrives. She is Tracy and Vicky's mother, and had previously stated that she was not coming to the shower because of Rose's marital status. The next to arrive are Sally Mae, Rose's friend from work, a staunch defender of women's rights; Patty Adams, the Reverend Adams' pregnant wife; and an unknown young woman accompanying Patty. Just in time, Avery returns with the cake, and Rose arrives accompanied by her mother Florence Cauley, or Aunt Flo. Rose is thoroughly surprised, and everyone is even more shocked when Vicky bursts out of the bedroom to announce Nona's presence.

Games are played, including Avery’s favorite, Taboo. The cake brings an added surprise to the mix. Pleasantries and family tensions eventually unravel, showing that this is far more than the a simple family gathering.






















Victoria Benson, Tracy

Denise Crawfort, Avery

Erika Hennings, Patty

Jane Hoffman, Florence

Claire Myers, Sallie Mae



Sophia Saunders-Jones, Flute
Lee Braun, Oboe
Jesse Gilday, Clarinet
Jillian Flexner, Bassoon
Elizabeth Harraman, Horn
Suxia Yang, Violin I





Maggie Rascoe, director

Jillian Flexner, set design

Kristina Malinauskaite, lighting design

Whitney George, conductor

Aaron Blankfield, coach








Barbara Porto, Rose

Devony Smith, Vicky

Kimberly States, Agnes

Maayan Voss de Bettancourt, Nancy

Heather Denny, Cover

Sidney Dixon, Cover

Kristina Malinauskaite, Cover

Rachel Selan, Cover

Deborah Nixon, Violin II
Raquel Lanieri, Viola
Rachel Macleod, Cello
Justin Lee, Bass
Joe Tucker, Percussion


Image credits: Aaron Blankfield

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