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La Zombiata:

An Opera Farce with


A one act spoof on La Traviata, this opera farce

incorporates elements of Verdi, Mozart and

orignial music to create a hilarious farce with

an undead heart.


The Inspiriation: As a composer who loves

contemporary music, I’ve noticed an

unfortunate trend in new operas: a lack of

comedy. I intend to inject a sense of humor

back into the new music world with my

Zombie Opera Farce. I wanted to make this

opera accessible to a wide and young

audience. This is why the opera is a one-act.

I believe I could write it longer, but keeping it

short makeit easier to grab a hold of for

non-traditional opera goers. - Jillian Flexner





Opera Synopsis:


Scene 1 opens on a zombie hoard trudging through a beautiful Parisian ballroom. Slowly, like a dirge, they moan and groan and sing an ode to brains. Christolpho (this opera’s Alfredo), a zombie amongst the horde, spots an unusually beautiful zombie, Philonia (this opera’s Violetta). He’s had his eye on her for some time. Feeling that this was his moment, Christolpho sings a love song to her with hopes that she will return his feelings (this is a spoof of La Traviata’s Un di felice). She doesn’t, and she teases him for feeling human feelings. Xenobia, Philonia’s best friend, comes to see what all the singing is about. She tries to drag Philonia away from Christolpho, but she’s become entranced. She listens to his last plea for her love and becomes 
confused. She orders that everyone leave her so she can clear her mind. Alone
in the Parisian ballroom, she toys with the idea of love while thinking back to her human days. Philonia quickly snaps out of these thoughts  by remembering that brains are supreme! She tries to convince herself that she must only love brains. But one last note of love from Christolpho in the distance nails Philonia to her fate. How could she turn away love? She and Christolpho run off together.


Scene 2 opens in a forest. In the wilderness, Christolpho and Philonia have cultivated their love and it has flourished into a beautiful love duet. Philonia declares that she is hungry, so Christolpho goes to seek some fresh humans to eat. Xenobia, who has been lurking behind a nearby tree, sees her chance. She grabs a hold of Philonia and demands that she returns to Paris, or Christolpho will die. Philonia agrees. Just as they are leaving, Christolpho comes back with an arm. He sees Xenobia and becomes furious. Xenobia explains that Philonia is coming back to with her. Christolpho does not believe this. The finale of the second scene ensues in a trio, based on the finale of the second act of La Traviata. Philonia and Xenobia run back to Paris and Christolpho is left heartbroken.


Back in the ballroom in Scene 3, the zombie horde greets  Philonia with open arms. They prepared a feast to celebrate her return. The horde demands a speech from Philonia—a few words about how it feels to be back. But Philonia can’t seem to speak. Xenobia quickly steps up and gives a speech listing all of the different types of humans that she has eaten (this is a spoof of Don Giovanni’s Madimina il catalogo). Xenobia then announces that it is time to eat and pushes Philonia toward the buffet table. Meanwhile, Christolpho sneaks into the party in a disguise. He catches Philonia alone and tries to talk to her. Once she realizes who he is, she panics and tells him to leave, knowing that if Xenobia sees him she will kill him. But it’s already too late! Xenobia comes back to Philonia and spots him! The zombie horde surrounds him
and prepares to rip Christolpho to shreds. But before they do, he asks to sing one more song. He sings them a song about love and how it can fit into zombie culture that is so persuasive, Xenobia and the horde allow Philonia and Christolpho to love.






Presented by Whole Tone Opera


By Jillian Flexner

Stage Director J. Deschene

Music Director Ian Garvie

Starring Christine Duncan, Nora Maynard and Garry McLinn


With TIm Ayers-Kerr, Aaron Emanuel, Sara Haugland, Jeila Irdmusa, Cari Keebaugh, Teri Kowiak, Alana Lynch, Mary Parker and Jessica Rossi


Davis Square Theater, Boston

February 12, 7:30

February 13, 10:30

February 14, 2:30

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