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March 3, 2017 8:00pm

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center





Fresh Squeezed Opera presents a concert of Nano Operas by women composers. Women have always been artist, but for centuries, women were systematically excluded from the records of history—their art being dismissed as unimportant, “craft”, and not elevated. Now, in the 21st century, we still see these trends happening, particularly in the field of opera. This exclusion is unacceptable. Fresh Squeezed Opera aims to put women on an equal level to men in the performance of operatic works, and celebrate the unique idioms and perspective that women composers offer in their works.


As Whitney George, composer/conductor says, “opportunities in the creative arts, but especially music, are skewed and tend to be male dominated fields, particularly positions in arts administration/executive directing, composition, and conducting. Gender equality in the arts may be many decades down the road, but by placing women in these prominent positions, we're able to provide an empowering framework for aspiring women in the field for future generations.”





Nicole Murphy

Kate Soper





Victoria Benson, soprano

Shane Brown, baritone

Michael Celentano, tenor





Whitney George, conductor

Markus Kaitila, piano

Sammy Lesnick, clarinet







































Kate Soper's Selections from Here be Sirens


Mythological sirens roost deep in our collective conscious, ancient forerunners to the femme fatale. In Here Be Sirens, join these singing ciphers as they investigate their own origins, seeking–through the twists & turns of literature & philosophy–a way off the island for good.


Featuring Performances by:

Victoria Benson, soprano, “Polyxo”

Claire Myers McCormick, soprano, “Peitho”             

Devony Smith, soprano, “Phaino”

Dmitry Glivinskiy, coach


Nicole Murphy's The Kamikaze Mind


AMERICAN PREMIERE. The Kamikaze Mind explores the pondering, questioning and human relaTonships of the main character, ‘I’, as he agempts to piece together the fragments of his mind and make sense of the world around him.


Featuring Performances by:

Carli Miller, soprano, “She”

Michael Celentano, tenor, “He”

Shane Brown, baritone, “I”

Lish Lindsey, flute

Sammy Lesnick, clarinet

Victoria Lewis, violin

Brian Sanders, cello

Markus Kaitila, piano

Whitney George, conductor



Caroline Miller, soprano

Claire Myers McCormick, soprano

Devony Smith, soprano

Victoria Lewis, violin

Lish Lindsey, flute

Brian Sanders, cello

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