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Jillian and I met when I was running late for a concert dress-rehearsal at Smith. I had a huge purse that jutted out and hit people all the time. I was headed to my place in the chorus risers while Jillian was walking to her seat in the wind section of the orchestra.


As we crossed paths, my purse and her bassoon reed collided. The reed snapped and so I stopped and said, "Oh! I'm so sorry. But you have another one right?"


To which Jillian responded, "Yeah, but my teacher made that one."


At that moment, I hoped to never cross paths with her again...Today, I am so glad I did.


-Maggie Rascoe


Maggie and Jillian outside of Quincy Market

Jillian & Maggie in 2013                                                                                      Jillian & Maggie at the premiere of La Zombiata, 2014

                                                                                                                                   Photo credit Aaron Adler

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