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Episode 8 - Jane Hoffman


Coloratura Soprano Jane Hoffman compares her liberal arts education to her time at Manhattan School of Music, and tells of her vast iTunes Library: Humperdinck, Kanye, and Tori name a few.

Episode 7 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


A discussion with the late composer about how he's enjoying his 21st century life





Featuring Orlando Segarra

Episode 6 - Whitney George


Composer Whitney George talks about her music and the operatic composition world


As promised, here are recordings of her opera, The Yellow Wallpaper


Video of 'Entry No. 13' (Finale): here


Playlist of recording session for the whole opera: here



Episode 5 - Lee Braun


Oboist Lee Braun discusses how through playing contemporary music, he fell in love with it.

Episode 4 - Dean Buck


Dean Buck, conductor of Loft Opera, discusses the challenges and rewards of conducting opera.

Episode 3 - Jeremy Osborne


Jeremy Osborne discusses the opera world from an up and coming singer's point of view with Maggie and Jillian

Episode 2 - Discussing Anna Nicole


Maggie Rascoe and Jillian Flexner discuss the New York City Opera's final production: Anna Nicole

Episode 1 - Intro


Allow us to introduce ourselves!

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